Why to use PPR pipes for hot and cold water supply system?

ppr-fitting-ppr-ball-valve-ppr-shut-off-valve-ppr-tee-ppr-elbowPPR or polypropylene is a material that is widely used in the production of pipes, sheets, daily necessities, packaging materials, household electric appliance parts and various other things. Since PPR pipes is one of the basic requirement for construction purposes, you can find many PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai.

When it comes to home improvement, PPR pipes are designed to meet the demand for both hot and cold water supply system. Here we shall discuss the basic features and advantages of PPR pipes that make it suitable for hot and cold water supply systems.


Basic features of PPR pipes:

  •         Corrosion resistance

PPR pipes can withstand pH ranging from 1 to 14 over very hot as well as cold temperatures. Therefore these pipes are resistant to chemical corrosion.

  •         Convenient installation

The PPR pipes are very light in weight, which makes it very easy to install within seconds. The PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai offer installation services also.

  •         Safety Indicators

Hydrogen and carbon are the main components of PPR pipes, which are of a very simple nature. This makes them nontoxic and abiding by the food hygiene regulations. You won’t find any dirt on the inner walls of the pipes or any secondary water pollution caused by rust. These pipes are therefore considered more suitable for transporting drinking water.

Advantages of PPR pipe

  •         PPR pipes can operate well in a maximum temperature of up to 950 Celsius.
  •         The inner diameter of PPR pipes is slightly more than that of the fittings, ensuring that the fluid flow is smooth and without any hindrance.
  •         Unlike metallic heat and cold water pipes which may rust, wither off and resist water flow, due to temperature variations, PPR pipes offer a smooth inner wall and do not cause all of such problems in transporting either hot or cold water.

Author bio:

Bonn Group is one of the leading PPR pipes suppliers in Dubai and has an experience of 5 years of catering to the plumbing and other needs of several industries and commercial sectors. It provides pipes for heating systems, irrigation systems, potable water piping systems and many others. Besides pipes, the company excels in producing cable management systems.

Visit http://www.bonn-group.com/ for further information


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